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Meditation by the sea

Guest Speaker

Are you looking for a motivational and positive professional grief speaker with an emphasis on wellbeing through self-care, healing and mindfulness for your conference, event, workshop or school organization? My speaking engagements provides information on grief, bereavement, normal and complicate grief as well as building resilience and hope during the grieving journey.

Working for several years at a non profit agency, I understand that finances may be limited and appropriated for patients and clients and therefore, can customize to your specific needs and offer competitive prices. 

If you are interested in scheduling an event, you may contact me at

Any questions you may have are important. 

Please don't hesitate to ask.

 Together we can find's FREE!

Weekend Retreat!

Sometimes we need to take time to make sense of our loss by leaving our every day reminders.  This will allow you the ability to recreate yourself and with my help, find solutions to stressors without the daily pressures of our work, family and friends.

This is the reason, I've decided to offer a customize weekend that best suits your needs and goals.  Together we can arrange meditation, yoga, messages or a complete day at the spa, swimming, walks on the beach, one on one support, journal writing...

If interested, please contact me via email!

Sea Shore


Andrée, thank you for your fine presentation on Hospice at Ridgeway Mennonite Church.  Your friendly manner complimented your information which made it easy for persons to respond. Thank you for the helpful packets you made available for sharing.  Your butterfly story was truly inspirational-what a lovely gift to many-and your response to a dream.  May God bless you and your work.